• Vegan compost plate
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Hummus and pita bread


About us

At Undergrowth Coffee, we embrace the essence of the underdog, symbolizing resilience, growth, and the tenacity to thrive against all odds. Our name reflects the hidden strength found in the understory— the lush and often overlooked layer of vegetation from which all life springs forth. Just like the underdog in your favorite fable, we are passionate about overcoming challenges and cultivating success from the seemingly obscure

Through every sip of our carefully crafted, small batch coffees, we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of the undergrowth— where greatness emerges from unexpected places, and every humble beginning holds the potential to blossom into something extraordinary.


In that frame, our baristas earn livable wages while receiving the tools, encouragement, and challenges to hone and excel in their crafts, our green coffees source directly from low-emission mills and warehouses that reduce our direct industry footprint, every single-use product we deliver is 100% compostable and/or biodegradable, and we ensure that any import teams with whom we trade are fair, producer-focused, and transparent communicators with a track record we can stand behind.
We focus so much of our time and energy on each single origin coffee to bring its most exquisite, pure, and positive qualities to the surface. We just so happen to believe that also applies to our people and our community.
At Undergrowth, we set our sights on the mutual progress of every link involved in the ecological and social sustainability of our industry, from the harvesters and import teams in coffee-growing communities, to the staff who bravely leave the safety of their homes in a pandemic to join us in providing unbeatable service. Consciousness and care behind every step are what we believe lead to mindful growth! We're committed to never settling for less than doing better.
Every coffee we serve comes from some of the most hard-working and passionate producers and importers across the globe. We give special regard to female and family-owned fincas with a focus on ethical practices, community investment, and environmental sustainability, and every import partnership we explore highlights our core principle of placing our people and our planet before all else. These rotating selections feature traditionally and experimentally-processed coffees with a bold and luxurious complexity, presenting to you a brightness, depth and sense of delight in every sip.
Our mission is striving to reduce as much waste and shrinkage as possible, and that applies to the hand-selected products we serve to you every day. From our milk alternatives to our chai concentrate and flavored syrups & sauces, each selection and recipe is hand-crafted and prepared in house by real people and with delicious, locally-sourced ingredients.